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Scandinavian Society for Psychotraumatologists RITS®


This website is owned by the Scandinavian Society for Psychotraumatologists RITS®

The society has members in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. All members are trained and certified Psychotraumatologists RITS®

What is a Psychotraumatologist RITS®?

A Psychotraumatologist RITS® is specialized in dealing with stress and crisis management and is trained in helping people who has met with violence, great losses, bereavement, accidents, problems of great guilt or other things affecting quality of life.

The help consists of a short set of sessions. The core purpose is helping the person realize what has happened, why the person responds as he or she does, and how he or she can get on with life.

A Psychotraumatologist RITS® has total confidentiality.


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